For chest/jacket measurements, firstly look at the label in an existing suit/jacket that is comfortable and well fitting. If you don't have a suitable garment then please take your measurement at broadest part of your chest (usually just under the arms). Let your arms hang at your side when measuring and be as relaxed as you can. Keep the tape up under the arms whilst keeping one finger between the tape and body at all times.If you have a fuller figure or a large waist in proportion to your chest then please select a longer fitting waistcoat.

The jacket sleeve length is usually in proportion to your height. Put on a well fitting dress jacket and measure from the middle of the shoulder seam down to just below the wrist bone.

If you are unsure of your height then please a measuring tape and ask someone to measure you standing straight from head to toe.

Please take your waist measurement about 2" above the hipbone for kilts (at the height of the tummy button). Try not to breathe in and tense your stomach when measuring as this gives an inaccurate measurement and may result in ordering a kilt that is too small around the waist. Relax and breathe normally when the tape measure is around your waist.

Measure from the same point on your navel (as the waist measurement) down to the middle of your knee. Do not look down at the person measuring you as this pulls your hips back and leads to inaccurate measurement - stand straight up and face directly forward.  As a rough guide, heights 5ft 9 to 6ft = kilt length of 24 inches, 5ft 6 to 5ft 8 = 23 inches and over 6ft = 25 inches.

Place tape around neck, make sure two fingers can fit loosely between tape and neck. This measurement should be your normal UK collar size.

SImply just select your normal UK Shoe Size.


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